The importance of safety at ball pools


Playgrounds are a source of fun for children, but there is a maxim that any facility dedicated to children’s leisure must meet: safety. We know that the most important thing is that our children enjoy and have fun being always safe and without taking any risk.

Indoor playgrounds

The ball pools are one of the attractions that the little ones like the most. However, they have to comply with a series of regulations that guarantee their complete safety. The main factors to evaluate the safety of a playground are the surfaces and the structure of the facilities. We also have to look at the arrangement of the elements and the correct supervision and maintenance of the park.

As for the materials, they must not contain anything that could be dangerous. We are talking about glass, cables or metals that can cut. All surfaces must be properly padded and have a coating that has been subjected to the corresponding security controls.

On the other hand, elevated surfaces must be properly protected with barriers. Height should never exceed the maximum established for each age range. All leisure facilities for children should be designed for specific age groups: up to two years, two to five and five to twelve.

Meanwhile, in ball parks that have a slide, there must always be an entrance and an exit. In this sense, it is essential that the assembly is carried out only by personnel who have the corresponding certification.

In all cases, the leisure center must have the constant supervision of the responsible staff. These experts will be in charge of controlling the space so that no accident occurs. With them, safety regulations will be met at all times.

Maintenance and inspection

To guarantee the safety of the facilities, they must have adequate and regular supervision. This review will serve to verify that all the elements are in perfect condition.

To do this, we will have to make sure that there are no broken toys and that no cracks have occurred in the structure. For these installations to be safe and durable, they must be designs created with strong, good quality materials.

Likewise, it is essential that the park is always kept clean and that it complies with all hygiene conditions.

Safe and fun playgrounds

The priority is to ensure that children have fun safely. For this reason, designs must comply with the European safety regulations EN 1176 and EN 1177. It is recommended that we have all the approvals and certifications. We also have to make sure that we work with qualified assembly personnel. With these tools, we get fun and safe indoor playgrounds.

If you want to know more about playgrounds, don’t hesitate to download our guide now with all the tips and information you need to open a new playground.



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