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We design and manufacture your fully customized playground facilities.

IDELLA PARQUES INFANTILES we are one of the main manufacturers of Trampoline and amusement Parks in Europe.

For this reason, great brands keep trusting on us to design and manufacture their facilities.

Parques Infantiles

Until now, playgrounds were aimed at a very specific type of public, with an age range that ranged from 3 years to 6 or 7 years.

Thanks to the new generation of playgrounds, the possibility of reaching audiences ranging from 6 years to adulthood. This allows us to have a much broader potential market willing to spend hours enjoying our facilities.


A new experience

Playgrounds are leisure centers where you can spend fun hours in an imaginative world of fun.

We believe in playgrounds as a link between the family, fun, creativity and free time. That is why we strive to deliver the best-worked children’s facilities and in which to enjoy unforgettable moments.

Parques infantiles


We adapt ourselves to the needs of each client, putting at their disposal the most extensive catalogs of swings, seesaws, springs, slides, houses, towers, modular sets and all kinds of games, as well as the latest designs of playgrounds, including, in addition from the traditional stainless steel parks, the new lines of themed parks and playgrounds for children with disabilities.

IDELLA PARQUES INFANTILES somos uno de los principales fabricantes de Tranpoline Park de Europa. Por ello confían en nosotros grandes marcas para que les diseñemos y fabriquemos sus instalaciones.

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